Alen Cooper

Alen Cooper is the Head of Operations for JAC Construction. He oversees daily operations for the company including customer relations, overseeing estimates and budgeting and heading up project management. He has a gift for analyzing, troubleshooting, and heading off issues and delays before they occur. He is an excellent communicator and professional who gives JAC’s customers and vendors attention and respect that they deserve.

Alen hails from England where he received his degree in engineering. He began his career in construction when he came to America nineteen years ago. He has a love for construction and bringing projects in on time and within budget. He believes in keeping his commitments and delivering an excellent product to JAC’s clients.

Alen has been a car enthusiast since he was a boy. He spent many years restoring classic cars including AC Cobra’s and he is a master mechanic. He continues his love for driving sports cars today. He enjoys the gym and spending time with his wife and three kids at their ranch in Temecula.