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JAC Construction Expands to Offer Millwork & Installation Services

JAC Construction recently announced that they have added millwork and installation services to their company model.  The two divisions are based out of Beaumont, CA for millwork and Temecula, CA for FF&E installation.

The company has been growing rapidly since it launched in 2015 and has completed millwork and installation projects ranging from custom homes, to leading hotel brands such as IHG and Hilton, and boutique hotels like the Hotel Hermosa.

“It is truly remarkable to see how far our company has come in just a few short years,” said Alen Cooper, founding member and head of operations at JAC.” JAC is trending in the right direction, and we look to keep expanding as we continue forward.”

As the 4th quarter of the year approaches an end, JAC already has an impressive number of projects in the pipeline for 2020 and has no intention of slowing down. They are particularly optimistic about the future of millwork across the hospitality industry.

“We are definitely seeing an upward swing in millwork inquiries, which is exciting because we have master craftsmen who do exemplary woodwork,” said Cooper. “They are the best of the best, so we are prepared for any job, no matter the size.”

For more information about  JAC Construction, Millwork, or Installation Services, please contact JAC at (951) 308-1583 or email Brandon Bentson at

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