Leslie Kormann

Leslie (Les) Kormann is a Senior Project Leader at JAC who has worked in the construction industry for almost 40 years.   His extensive knowledge of building systems and techniques, combined with his strong reputation for integrity and transparency with clients, designers and subcontractors, gives him a unique perspective on the industry.

Les began his construction career building custom homes for a local builder while in high school and college.  After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Pratt Institute, he started working on large commercial high-rise buildings in New York City, delivering unique and complicated projects under some of the most challenging conditions until he relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 1992.

A meticulous planner, problem solver and technician, Les managed operations in entirety for a large global construction firm in Los Angeles, and has managed projects in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.  

When Les isn’t working, you will find him cycling throughout the valley, enjoying the desert habitat, or relaxing with his wife cooking a variety of cuisines in Palm Springs.